About StratGo Marketing

Connect Marketing Across the Business and Drive Customer Action

Marketing Management | Brand Management | Marketing Communications

•   Operational Expertise.  StratGo’s president has held senior marketing leadership positions in B2B manufacturing and consumer products companies.

•   Multi-environment Capability. StratGo’s president has developed business action plans for both well-known and emerging companies and brands.

What does a “plug-in marketing department” mean for your company?

StratGo can deliver action and produce the kind of results expected from a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), Vice President of Marketing, Director of Marketing or Brand Manager.

If you don’t have marketing expertise or a true marketing capability in-house, StratGo is an excellent option.

If you have a senior marketing leader, but with a limited or non-existent team, utilize StratGo as a force multiplier resource.

Or, perhaps you’re a sales-driven organization with limited marketing. If so, plug-in StratGo to achieve strong marketing aligned and working closely with the sales team.

Download PDF: Drive Growth with Plug-in Marketing